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Dr Jaison A. Manjaly

Professor Curiosity, Caste, and Morality... View Profile

Dr Sharmita Lahiri

Associate Professor Indian Writing in English, Postcolonial Literature... View Profile

Dr Madhumita Sengupta

Associate Professor Colonialism, Modern Indian History, Social History... View Profile

Dr Meera Mary Sunny

Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology, Visual Attention, Selective ... View Profile

Dr Krishna Prasad Miyapuram

Associate Professor Brain Imaging (fMRI) and Cognitive Science, Learni... View Profile

Dr Ambika Aiyadurai

Associate Professor Biodiversity conservation, human-animal relations,... View Profile

Dr Aashish Xaxa

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Development Studies, Urban Development, Tribal Dev... View Profile

Dr Nishaant Choksi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) I am a linguistic anthropologist who works on scri... View Profile

Dr Sharada C. V.

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) ... View Profile

Dr Arka Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) ... View Profile

Dr Arnapurna Rath

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) South-Asian Literature, Comparative Literature, Ba... View Profile

Dr Deepak Singhania

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Decentralization, Local Governance, and Public Pol... View Profile

Dr Mana Apoorva Shah

Lecturer Sanskrit and Prakrit grammar, Jain Kavya and Stot... View Profile

Dr Mohd. Mubashir Ahsan

Lecturer Arabic and Islamic studies in India, Translation :... View Profile

Dr Alok Kumar Kanungo

Assistant Research Professor Who Owns the Past, Understanding History and Origi... View Profile

Prof Jooyoung Kim

Assistant Teaching Professor ... View Profile

Prof Leslee Lazar

Assistant Teaching Professor Neuroscience of Perception, Touch Perception, Mult... View Profile

Dr Angus McBlane

Visiting Assistant Professor Cultural theory, Embodiment, Environmental humanit... View Profile

Prof Michel Danino

Visiting Professor Archaeology and history of ancient India, History ... View Profile